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Connecting NFTs in real life (I.R.L.)  

Connect NFTs and metaverses to the real world using NFC w3Tags.

- Display physical NFTs by attaching w3tags to physical items using crypto graphic NFC technology!


Use w3tags to store NFT metadata and map real life assets and behaviour to metaverses and NFTs 

Write NFT metadata to w3tags

Use the w3tag mobile application to write NFT metadata to the NFC w3tag. Metadata includes, a signed message from your wallet address, NFT URL and title 

Phygital NFC Tag

w3tags are created using an encrypted crypto graphic chip.  w3tag have a unique ID as part of the NDEF data, this data, along with the NFT metadata is stored in IPFS (InterPlanetary System) on the blockchain.

Metaverse mapping

Enter a location in real life? Scan a w3tag app on the premisis and record your outing on the metaverse! Map the metaverse to real life to complement our day to day! Coming soon on the mobile app!


Enhance Value Of Merchandise

w3tags can be used as a Proof of Ownership, and a Proof of Utility method.  For NFTs, w3tags can be attached to a physical item to represent the NFT IRL (in real life)

Hence, legitimate collector and authentic manufactures can embed the throughout history of an item into aTag, especially the address of creator, which is the best clue for authenticity.

w3tags available with custom logo and NFTs minted @ $2 per tag.


Use Cases

Physical Art


Physical stablecoins

How it works.jpeg

API as a Service

Creating NFTs and metaverses with different use cases and utility? w3tag API as a service offering will send w3tag usage data back to  server to aggregate.


For example: An NFT  marketplace can use w3tag to create physical pieces and then once the w3tag has been used, a unique code is generated and can be sent to the marketplace to monitor usage.


Get in touch below to get early API access! 

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End to End Delivery

End to end delivery with custom w3tag branding delivered to your door to printing physical copies of your NFTs printed with w3tags attached to them and the NFTs already linked to the w3Tag.

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